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  DVD-5 (4.7 GB capacity)
  DVD-9 (Dual Layer Disc, 8.5 GB capacity)
  Mini DVD (1.28 GB capacity)
  Business Card DVD (350 or 600 MB capacity)

How will the disc be printed?   (Free Upgrade to Offset Printing)

  Four Color Process + White Offset Printing (best for photos)
  One, Two, or Three Spot Color Silk Screen Printing
  Other (describe)

What will you supply as the disc master?

  Pre-mastered DVD-R supplied (single session, closed disc required)
  Previously Replicated DVD

What will you supply as the disc artwork?

  Print ready electronic art file set to our standard templates.
  Other (describe)

DVD Case with Full Color Cover ()
  2 disc dvd case2 Disc DVD Case with Printed Cover
  multi disc dvd caseMultiple Disc DVD Case with Cover (2-6 discs)
How many discs per case?
  dvd inserted into a vinyl sleeveInserted into Vinyl Sleeve
  slimline dvd caseInserted into Slimline DVD Case with Printed Cover
  dvd packaging slimline jewel caseInserted into Slimline Jewel Case
  standard cd jewel case

Inserted into Standard Jewel Care
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Custom Printed Mailer Options
Album Style Mailer (single disc sleeve)
Single Disc Wallet Mailer
  5x7 greeting card mailer insideGreeting Card Mailer
  wallet mailer with zip closureSingle Disc Wallet Mailer with Zip Closure
  2 disc wallet mailerTwo Disc Wallet Style Disc Mailer
  dvd business card and mini dvd mailerInserted into Business Card DVD / Mini DVD Mailer
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