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Blu-ray disc manufacturing, BD25 replication

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Blu-ray Disc Manufacturing (BD-25 and BD-50 Replication with Packaging)

This is what you have been looking for.  Fully licensed, made in the United States, Blu-ray disc replication.

When comparing Blu-ray replication costs, it is important to understand the licensing fees, setup fees, and who is paying them.  There are significant per title license fees and a per disc royalty for all Blu-ray discs.

AACS (Advanced Access Content System) digital rights management is part of the Blu-ray standard.  It is not possible to manufacture a Blu-ray disc without AACS encryption.  All Blu-ray video titles require $550 AACS Title Key Certificate fees.  There is also a per disc royalty paid for every disc molded.  These fees are included in our price grids below. 

Business Replication collets this fee from you and pays this fee to the AACS LA.  Verification of AACS content provider License is a required part of the disc mastering process.

To replicated a disc requires a stamper (disc injection mold).  The cost of the stamper is included in our price grids below.  The stamper has microscopic "pits" in its surface.  The stamper surface degrades quickly over when exposed to air.  The stamper can not be stored and reused.  This means that a new stamper is required for every order, even if the project has been replicated by us before.

Our prices shown below include all set up fees (film an stamper), license fees, and the per disc royalty. 

Be smart.  Don't get ripped off.  Understand your total cost before you begin your Blu-ray replication project.  Some competitors quote a low per disc price that does not include the film costs, stamper costs, AACS Title fee, and the four cents per per disc patent royalties.

Blu-ray Manufacturing
(BD25 Replication)

Bulk Wrapped
4 Color Process + white
Offset Printing
bulk dvd-5 replication
Quantity: 1000 2000 3000 5000 7500 10,000 20,000 +
Price: $2330 $3080 $3870 $5300 $7200 $8800 Use estimate form or call
Unit: 2.33 1.54 1.29 1.06 .96 .88

Blu-ray Manufacturing
(BD25 Replication)
in Retail Box

Full Color Case Cover,
Full Color Disc Printing,
Shrink-wrap, Carton Pack

All setup fees, AACS fee,
& per disc royalties are included.
blu-ray disc in retail package 
Quantity: 1000 2000 3000 5000 7500 10,000 20,000 +
Price: $2990 $4300 $5610 7900 $11,100 $13,800 Use estimate form or call
Unit: 2.99 2.15 1.87 1.58 1.48 1.38

Steps to beginning your Blu-ray Replication Order

What you need to supply as the BD master?

We accept the following formats as BD masters: BD-MV, BD-CMF A, BD-CMF C

These folders must be supplied on a BD-R disc or on a USB 2.0 external hard drive. 

We can not accept folders in the Sony-CMF format.

Playable BD-R disc cannot be submitted as masters.

Reorder of a Blu-ray Replication Title

An exact re-order of a Blu-ray title does not require the AACS fee.  However any change in the content, however minor, requires a new AACS fee to be paid.  If a new master is required, AACS fees are required,

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