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Business Replication and Print is committed to insuring the copyright and intellectual property rights of our customers are protected.  In order to accomplish this goal, every replication project undergoes an anti-piracy screening process.  The guidelines for this anti-piracy screening process have been developed by the Content Delivery and Storage Association .

Every project requires the completion of two forms:  Intellectual Property Rights Form and Indemnification Letter.

If you are utilizing copyrighted or intellectual property of a third party, then proof of the rights to use these items is required.  This applies to software licenses, recorded music, images, etc. A copy of the licensing agreement that you have with the provider of the copyrighted materials or a Copyright Authorization Letter is required. These documents must be on the licensee's letterhead and have a phone number to allow for verification by Business Replication and Print.

If you have a music CD review the important copyright information for music distribution.

Compliance with these anti-piracy procedures is simple and insures that your own intellectual property is protected.  Contact a customer service representative (916-789-9929) if you have any questions about these forms or our anti-piracy procedures.

All orders are subject to our standard Terms and Conditions.

Anti-Piracy Screening Forms
Intellectual Property Rights Form (Required Form)
Intellectual Property Rights Form (MS Word File)
Intellectual Property Rights Form (Adobe Acrobat File)

Indemnification Letter (Required Form)
Indemnification Form (MS Word File)
Indemnification Form (Adobe Acrobat File)

Copyright Authorization Letter (suggested format)
(Required if your master uses copyrighted material.)
Copyright Authorization Letter (MS Word File)
Copyright Authorization Letter (Adobe Acrobat File)

Order Forms
Our goal is to make the ordering process as simple as possible. We require written instructions for every order. In most cases a company purchase order submitted with a copy of our written estimate provides enough documentation for us to clearly understand and document your order.

California Resale Permit
California sales tax is required on all project that are sold to business and individuals residing in California.  If you have a valid CA Resale Permit and the project is for resale, complete our Resale Permit to avoid paying California sales tax.   Sales tax will be added to all projects shipping within California that do not have a completed resale permit on file at Business Replication when the project is shipped.
CA Resale Form (MS Word Document)
CA Resale Form (Adobe Acrobat File)